Verbal Identity

A strong verbal identity is about attitude, not adjectives

An engaging verbal identity that’s consistent(ly great) across your marketing channels is a powerful thing. It nurtures relationships with your customers. It chops a clear path through the wordy thicket that is the www. And it sets you apart from your competitors. But verbal identity is elusive. You can’t just pluck it from anywhere. So while some consultancies will have you believe it’s as simple as making your copywriting ‘warmer’ and ‘friendlier’, there’s an awful lot more to it.

A strong identity starts with really, really knowing who you are. You have to understand what your brand fights for and stands against. Great copywriting has purpose – and that’s impossible to create unless you know what your purpose is. We help you find your attitude and express yourself in a way that grabs your target audience. So forget about meaningless mission statements. With us the journey is more visceral. We find the reason for the beat of your heart – and figure out how language can project that outwards. It’s all about you.

How does it work?

There is no magic formula for creating a strong verbal identity. (Sorry.) But there are certain things that every project has in common: such as our insistence on getting close to you. Not freaky close, but pretty close. We study you. We study your product. We study your audience. Some of the questions we ask will be tricky to answer. But we promise it will be fun.

The journey might take three days. It might take thirteen days. It’s almost certain to involve a site visit that lasts a day or two. At the end of it all you will receive a PDF (or whatever format you prefer) that lays down the ground rules for speaking your language. We will explain how best to approach different audiences across different media and at different points in the customer journey. All the while remaining true to your voice.

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