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Studio Hooton

Reaching new markets with new messaging.

Introducing Studio Hooton

Few people can do interior design really well. A lot of people try, but let us tell you, it’s a messy marketplace full of competing styles, budgets and services.

In the midst of this sits Studio Hooton, a thriving residential design studio based in London and Winchester.

The business has gone from strength to strength with a steady stream of exciting projects underway. But when your business grows how do you set yourself apart and convince people that you’re up to the job of transforming their homes?

That’s where core messaging comes in.

A Studio Hooton design showing from the foot of the bed is a luxurious double bed with duck egg blue throw and dark grey quilted headboard. To the left is a dark wood bedside table, orange table lamp, dark grey carpet and to the front a navy blue quilted sofa.

What we did

A core messaging guide gives brands a formula. A formula through which you can pass your writing to make sure it’s on-brand, on-brief and consistent.

When we work on these projects a clear message often stands out head and shoulders above the others. Say, your green credentials counting more than your friendly customer service. With Studio Hooton however the core messages were more evenly spread with multiple messages needed at multiple touchpoints.

Every sentence that could be written could be plucked from one of six core messaging themes. So, like any budding interior designer we named each core message and created six messaging rooms:

  • Inspiration

  • Inclusivity

  • Reassurance

  • Why Studio Hooton?

  • Results

  • Exclusivity


Each room has its own function and is used for slightly different things. And together they combine to form a messaging house; a show-home that convinces customers Studio Hooton are the right people for the project.

What We Did
A Studio Hooton shot showing a grey minimalist kitchen. Taking centre stage is a dark grey dining table surrounded by 6 charcoal coloured wishbone chairs. Suspended above are 3 grey pendant lights and behind is a large grey bespoke set of kitchen units which fill the wall behind.
A close up shot of the Studio Hooton offices showing a large green plant, wood samples stacked at the bottom. On the wall are two black and white modern prints. The wall is a stone colour.

A core messaging teaser


Great messaging starts with knowing who we are and what we stand for. Every brand needs that glorious thing the French call raison d’ être. So what is Studio Hooton’s reason for existence?

To use creative, collaborative interior design and meticulous project execution to unfurl our clients’ imaginations and transform their homes into something that is uniquely theirs.

A Studio Hooton full width shot of a luxurious dark green, olive and grey coloured lounge showing 2 green sofas, an armchair, coffee table. To the left is a stone fireplace with a large circular mirror above and to the back 3 large floor to ceiling French windows with green curtains.

Before & after



We oversee every aspect of your interior design project, from creating schemes to managing structural works, positioning art and choosing the bed linen.

Our in-house experts offer the full range of interior design services. We create interior schemes, lighting masterplans and intelligent joinery solutions. We design kitchen and bathroom layouts, we commission bespoke items of furniture and deliver refined art and accessories styling. Our network of trusted suppliers and craftsmen are experts in their fields with exceptional attention to detail.

Together we approach projects with creative excellence and technical skill, completing every property to a high end specification.


We go beyond the visual aspect of a property and focus on the feeling of a space. It’s about bringing out the spirit.

We are able to focus on the smallest details – the minutiae of a project – while never losing focus on the big picture. You don’t need to go anywhere else: we have big ideas and the in-house expertise to make them a reality – whether that’s joinery expertise, architectural design or anything else your project requires.

From initial concepts right through to the completion of your project, we can lead each phase of the design and build process. We stretch imaginations. We move beyond the expected. Imaginative design is what thrills our clients.

Before & After

“Jamie & Dan created a really fantastic core messaging guide. It really hit the mark in how we want to keep Studio Hooton positioned in the market working on exciting, prestigious projects”

— Emma Hooton, Lead Designer | Studio Hooton



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