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Verbal identity guidelines

One service. Done exceptionally well.

Your business deserves messaging that excites your audience, reflects your brand and drives results. We specialise in one thing and one thing only - building your verbal identity guidelines from the ground up, whether your brand is starting out or starting over.

A strong verbal identity is about attitude, not adjectives

While some consultancies will have you believe it’s as simple as making your copywriting ‘warmer’ and ‘friendlier’, there’s an awful lot more to creating a strong brand voice. We help you find your attitude and express yourself in a way that resonates with your audience and makes people pay attention. 

Forget meaningless mission statements. Hire us to transform your tone of voice.

close up shot of a bright pink hardback landscape book with The Way With Words logo on the front cover

Your verbal identity guidelines

Our goal is to give you something special. a considered, comprehensive set of verbal identity guidelines that gives your team confidence and clarity over your communications. 

Creating a verbal identity is a roll up your sleeves collaborative kind of effort. Instead of throwing the thesaurus at you we work with you to help think through and refine brand voice - what you actually stand for, where you're going and why you're not the next Innocent Drinks


The output? A single all encompassing brand book you can refer to for every point internal and external touchpoint. Plus, we know the importance of buy-in from the wider business, so we're also on hand to help sell it to your C-Suite if you need us to.

"Our tone of voice project with The Way With Words has been truly transformative for our brand. We couldn't be happier with the results."

— Chelsea Maher, Head of Marketing | Culture Shift

Why us?

The Way With Words is run by Jamie & Dan. With each of us having over a decade of experience working with brands we know what’s needed to drive sales and grow audiences. Find out more about who we are - and take an in-depth look at the clients we've already worked with.

    We have a tried and tested formula for creating a strong verbal identity that we’ve honed after spending years studying and delivering copy and communications for brands. A strong verbal identity starts with really, really knowing who you are. We study you. We study your product. We study your audience. Some of the questions we ask will be tricky to answer. But we promise it will be fun. Combining this with as many analytics and data points we can locate, we create your guide that explains how best to approach different audiences across different touchpoints - all the while remaining true to your voice.
    The final product is a fully fleshed out verbal identity guide. They normally clock in at around 60 pages/9,000 words in length. We’ve designed a structure that gives you the level of detail you need to make immediate changes as well as having a succinct summary to keep senior management satisfied. ​ Inside your guide: An executive summary Understanding your brand Understanding your audience Your verbal identity Your core messaging Your touchpoints Your style guide
    From start to finish we can normally be done inside of three months.
    Us and us only. There's no third parties, no hired help and definitely no AI bots writing the guide for you.
    We like to be honest with pricing, so projects start from £6k upwards.

“Thank you so much for all the work you’ve put into this - we LOVE it! It’s a great document and will come in super handy for the little team we’re putting together at the moment. ”

— Anshu & Renee, Founders | DabbaDrop


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