Hello! Please don’t say “expresso”.

Dan and Jamie met while freelancing for the same company in London. Jamie was awed by Dan’s expansive knowledge of digital marketing. Dan was struck by Jamie’s annoying and arguably unhealthy obsession with finding the right words. (It’s a copywriter’s prerogative.) Together we are bound through a shared love of hating dull brand stories.

There’s a staggering amount of things that we don’t understand: such as eggs, string theory and people who say “expresso”. But we do understand brand voice. We know that modern consumers are too savvy for the slick salesy shtick. We know that cutesy, cutesy copy without purpose is just trite. We know that haggard corporate jargon is an effective remedy for insomnia. Together we get giddy for helping brands find some attitude, communicate with purpose and excite audiences.

We do it from offices in Exeter (top cathedral) and Bristol (top music).

That’s us. What about you? Tell us on 07720 880733 or email info@thewaywithwords.co.uk.