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A verbal identity for a takeaway that’s better for you and Mother Nature too.

Introducing DabbaDrop

It’s Friday night and the hunger is mounting. But while brain and belly do battle over what to choose you know, inevitably, it’ll end up being another greasy takeout. That’s the stereotype at least.

Instead, DabbaDrop offer the ultimate alternative. The curry focussed, plant based, plastic free, London located subscription service that’s does things differently to Deliveroo is on hand to change all that.


But there’s the issue, just how do you communicate such a multi-stranded message to hangry households?

That’s the point when DabbaDrop approached us to overhaul their verbal identity. The goal: to build something clear, concise that easy explains what they do.

Several delicious DabbaDrop dishes in metal tiffins are laid out on a blue tablecloth. Surrounding the table are at least 3 people. 1 of which is passing a dish to the other person.

What we did

Starting with a research day Jamie headed to London to understand what makes DabbaDrop, well DabbaDrop. That meant experiencing the sights, the smells, the sensory experience if you will, of this authentic Asian cuisine.

Getting a true reflection of the brand is always crucial for us to build a verbal identity that actually works. That way the a verbal identity really starts to take shape.

The guide we built goes into a serious level of detail understanding not just what DabbaDrop stands for but what it stands against - all to find what differentiates DabbaDrop from the rest.

We don’t like to leave it just there though. Our guide also includes how the messages would adapt across the lifecycle of a subscriber from curious potential prospects to committed customers.


Finally, we future-proofed things.

With plans to expand to other UK locations we knew we couldn’t just build something which would only work for hungry Londoner’s. So, each message, each touchpoint, has been created to work in whatever city DabbaDrop launches their next kitchen in.

What we did
A top down shot of a delcicious vegetable, chicken and coriander DabbaDrop dish in a metal tiffin. The pot sits on a grey wooden surface.
A bright pink DabbaDrop dip with cooked onions and coriander sits in a metal tiffin which sits on a grey wooden surface.

A verbal identity teaser



Why can’t we use language to embody the multi-sensorial, storied and emotional experience of eating great food with our nearest and dearest? Here’s a hint: we can. But to do that we have to elevate ourselves above mundanity and make our messaging more visceral. Spike the copy with realism. DabbaDrop’s cultural heritage, authenticity and love of flavour should pour through in the messaging. Oh and one more thing: getting takeaway is about fun and excitement and experience as well as convenience. Our writing should reflect that.

So... Get real! The best copy oozes character. Be vivid. Be specific. Be descriptive. Let’s get evocative about the tummy-rumbling, mouth-watering anticipation of waiting for your favourite dish. The intoxicating nutty aroma of fresh curry leaves frying on the hob. The sound of black mustard seeds popping in the kitchen. Food is about engaging the senses. Our writing should too. Just be careful. We don’t want to cross the thin line between evocative and pretentious.

An above shot of several colourful DabbaDrop meals in metal tiffins laid out on a sky blue table cloth. Surrounding the dishes are several drinks, flatbreads, cutlery and side dishes.

Before & after



KERALA: Invite all the vibrant flavours and colours of the Keralan coastal state to your table – pink Beetroot Thoran with pickled cabbage, curry leaves and mustard seeds, turmeric yellow-infused Sweetcorn and Pumpkin Curry and a fresh Green Dal flavoured with fennel, dill and coconut. Serve it up with a tropical cocktail or two.


KERALA: Breathless sun beats down on your neck. You are standing below turquoise skies. In every direction an emerald sea stretches to the horizon. Welcome to the tropical coastal state of Kerala! Your green dal is a tribute to our eponymous dish’s expansive paddy fields; flavoured with fennel, dill and – one of Kerala’s most famous exports – coconut. (The sound of monsoon rains dancing on tall palm leaves is a sound you never forget.) Also this week you’ve got a pink beetroot thoran, echoing the evening sunsets that fall to the white sands of Varkala beach. A vibrant dish for a vibrant place, grab a cocktail and enjoy!

Before & After

“Thank you so much for all the work you’ve put into this - we LOVE it! It’s a great document and will come in super handy for the little team we’re putting together at the moment. ”

— Anshu & Renee, Founders | DabbaDrop


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