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LED Community Leisure

A new verbal identity for a charitable leisure trust.

Introducing LED

If you live in East Devon or South Somerset and have recently been to a pool, gym or class then chances are you’ve done it at a LED Leisure Centre.

For a business the athleisure, parkrun, #fitfam, wellness trends of recent years mean there’s been an ever increasing amount of noise in the fitness industry. And that means attracting, engaging and retaining customers is made that much harder.

So, LED created a new community orientated marketing strategy, and you guessed it. That required a new verbal identity.

Photo of a group exercise class in a Crossfit gym for LED Leisure. A large number of women sit on the floor with their arms above their heads while a male gym instructor directs the class

What we did

Getting under the skin of any organisation requires a serious time spent getting familiar with the brand, the team, the customers and the leisure centres themselves.

We combined an epic day trip with a bunch of data, audience insights and competitor research and 10,000 words later you have verbal identity guidelines for LED - split into easy to digest sections which could be rolled out to the wider team.

We settled on the key theme of wellness. Bringing together the social, physical and mental benefits - that LED offers. This means whether you’re talking to hardcore triathletes to the family focussed swim sessions - all comms have the same mix of warmth, enthusiasm and involvement that LED brings.

Having an agreed direction then meant we were able to offer follow up training to the social and comms teams behind each centre to really roll it out and get them enthused, engaged and ready to roll it out to customers.

What we did
A top down shot of a the lower half of a man playing tennis for LED leisure. The man wears green shorts and has a red racket. The clay court is green and red with a white tram line
A close up of a mans hand leaning down to pick up a large rusted kettlebell for LED Leisure. 3 other kettlebells sit alongside it.

A verbal identity teaser



One of the key targets of LED Leisure’s verbal identity is to inject the messaging with personality. To do that we have to elevate ourselves above the mundane and get visceral.

LED Leisure’s love and knowledge of fitness and local community should pour through in the messaging. Let’s inspire people to take the next step of their wellness journey; to enjoy themselves, challenge themselves, stretch themselves and push themselves. Making progress is fun. Our copy should be too.


Get real! The best copy oozes character. Be vivid. Be specific. Be descriptive. Let’s get evocative about the feeling of that first length in the pool after a stressful day. The beads of water on skin. The clank of the barbell dropping after a muscle-crunching bench press in the gym.

Remember that not everything has to be rosy. Exercise can be tough. Acknowledging that makes our language more evocative and gives our messaging credibility. It makes us sound confident. Make your copy real and the reader will come along for the journey. Just be careful not to overdo it. There’s a thin line between evocative and pretentious.

Taken from the poolside the image looks onto a women swimming left to right doing the front crawl for LED Leisure. Two blue plastic lane dividers are above and below her.

Before & after



Welcome to LED Leisure Centres and Parks

As a leading charitable trust, LED manages leisure and entertainment facilities and parks throughout East Devon and South Somerset.  Fantastic gyms, studios hosting a staggering range of exercise classes and children’s activities, plus five 25m swimming pools.  Seasonal parks with tennis courts, bowls, par three golf and putting greens, plus floodlit astro-turf pitches for year- round outdoor fun and games


Welcome to LED Community Leisure

The clue is in the name. We are all about making it easy for everyone in the community to move towards their fitness ambitions – bringing great leisure facilities to your doorstep. It really doesn’t matter how old you are or how fit you feel. With 16 leisure centres across Devon and Somerset, approachable personal trainers and support for dozens of sports and activities, we help everyone from first timers to dab-handers chase their health and wellbeing goals. We can do the same for you

Before & After

“Jamie & Dan presented us with an excellent verbal identity guide. I was very impressed with their professionalism and thoroughness and would be happy to recommend them to other brands facing a similar challenge.”

— Kate Williams, Marketing Manager | LED Community Leisure



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